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Igniting the warrior within: A Boundaries & Assertiveness Training

Atlanta, GA - May, 2019

Join me in this next adventure of learning to understand and assert our boundaries and needs to become empowered badass women! 

Do you often find yourself drained by encounters with others, not knowing how to say no, taken advantage of and holding resentments because of it?

We, as humans, are intensely social creatures. So much of our life’s fulfillment is tied to connection with others. However, when we don’t understand how to create and uphold boundaries, social connection can often be wrought with complication and needless suffering.

In this workshop, we will give you basic tools of understanding and respecting your personal boundaries, how to stand in your power, how to embrace your no, celebrate your yes, and communicate your boundaries and needs.

Embracing Healthy Boundaries Leads To:
-Deepening of inner trust & self-respect
-More ease and connection with others
-Felt sense of safety in the world
-Greater confidence and sense of aliveness

Workshop Includes:
-Communication training
-Meditation and visualization
-Practicing boundary setting
-Expressive-arts therapy
-Powerful experiential practices

May 18, 2019
12:30 pm - 6 pm
Springs Yoga Studio - 4920 Roswell Road, Atlanta
$150 Before 4/18. $175 After 4/18
Contact to register

*This event is for those who identify as women




EMBODY: A Women’s Sacred Retreat

Sayulita, Mexico — 2018

Nourish your feminine nature through movement, creativity and ritual.

Within you lives a wise and wild woman. A sacred feminine energy. She seeps out through your pores, beckoning your return home – to the essence of who you are. Follow the whispers of this powerful woman. She calls for you to release the constant striving, trying, and exhausting yourself to fit in and “succeed”, all while not feeling quite enough. She invites you to return to your feminine wildness. A space that’s free, flowing, and allowing. She is soft yet fierce, graceful yet messy, and always completely enough. Come ... submerge yourself in creative yearnings; express your truth fully and dance unapologetically in your radiance.

You are deeply welcome here.


The Unfolding Path :
A Heart Journey Into Acceptance, Authenticity & Connection


This weekend is a journey into self. A journey to discover remember and reclaim our authentic selves – our wholeness. Diving into the mysteries of our inner landscapes we will gain wisdom to navigate life’s challenging terrain with tenderness and grace. Individually and in safe community, we are nurturing, clearing, connecting and emerging. With this practice we intend to reveal the depths of our most genuine self and to courageously share our hearts. We will weave a new tapestry of our beings incorporating love, connection, power, wisdom and grace. As we open lightness, laughter and play naturally unfolds.