I am welcoming clients who are ready to step into a more authentic, peaceful, alive, more empowered and expansive place within themselves. I work with people experiencing:

  • Stress 

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Relationship turmoil

  • Life transitions

  • Women's issues

  • Spiritual and existential issues

  • Grief and mourning

  • Career change

I also work with those simply wanting to find deeper contentment, direction, and support in their lives.

Some of my tools:

I have been seeing Maya for close to a year and a half now and the experience has been transformative. She holds a sacred space for your whole being that feels completely safe to be vulnerable in and let out the real you. She guides you through her sessions extremely well to get you to see yourself and your truth, and its helped me tremendously. I have often been one to delude myself and she keeps me grounded, and always coming back to my home. My heart. Without Maya I am not sure if I would have healed the wounds I’ve carried for so long, and I continue to see her today as I progress along my path of self-discovery. Thank you!

What to expect in a session 

Sessions are guided by Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Yoga-Informed Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, Expressive-Arts Therapy, intuition and authentic compassion. I am here to support you in the awakening of your own healing potential and towards the fullest expression of your aliveness.

The fundamental difference between a traditional "talk therapy" session and a somatic psychotherapy session, is the incorporation and focus upon moment to moment awareness of what is happening in the body. Often we will begin with whatever is happening with you that day or in recent weeks. From here we transition from story telling into mindfulness, and a deeper awareness of what is unfolding inside of the body. It is from this point that new information regarding how we function in the world becomes available. 

However you are and whatever you feel is fully accepted.  You can expect a compassionate, open, judgement-free zone where you can feel at ease and just be. 

Results you may see:

  • More connection and comfort in your body

  • Clarity in your personal and professional life

  • Support through major emotional transitions

  • Deeper connection and sense of trust with your inner world and your higher self

  • Spiritual growth and evolution

  • Renewed confidence and self-esteem

  • Relief from anxiety and stress, and coping skills to handle stressors

  • More inner peace, mental stillness and connection with life

  • Richer and more harmonious relationships with your partner, family, and friends

  • More gratitude and love for yourself

I was guided to Maya shortly after moving to Atlanta during a major life transition. I knew after our first session together that I had not only found a gifted therapist, but also a spiritual teacher I was finally open to receiving. She has held space for me in my most fragile and vulnerable season of life thus far and is now teaching me how to hold that same space for myself. I am full of gratitude and love for the honest, confronting, and beautiful mirror that is Maya!

Online Therapy Sessions

Many choose to do therapy via online platforms to make sure they are getting the care they need in the midst of a busy life. I am happy to work with your schedule and provide Skype therapy sessions. All you need is a quiet, private space and a solid internet connection.

Call to schedule an appointment: 770-310-2357

or email at

Maya not only helped me get through and out of a difficult relationship, she helped me find the self-love and self-confidence I had been sadly missing. Maya is compassionate, gentle yet strong, incredibly smart, and highly skilled in her field. The exercises she had us work through together were very effective, and allowed me to see my situation and myself in new, far more constructive ways than before. I trust Maya, and cannot recommend her enough to help you with whatever difficulty or situation you may be facing.


Maya's rate is $135 per session.  She has limited availability for sliding scale, based on individual need. Maya invites you to contact her for a complimentary 10-15 minute phone conversation to see if she can help you.



I do not accept insurance at this time, but would be happy to provide a monthly invoice for possible reimbursement through your insurance company.



Maya accepts cash, credit cards and checks.


Cancellation Policy:

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. Aside from an emergency, if you fail to notify Maya 24 hours prior to your scheduled session, she reserves the right to charge you for a full session.

A welcoming and warm person, Maya provides a safe, spiritual, and accepting space for you to share and grow. I specifically love that the conversation is fluid, focusing on personal and social, and that her way of engaging is non-judgmental and completely sincere. The meditation practices that she provides have helped me immensely with establishing a daily practice of self-care. I highly recommend Maya if you are looking for a warm soul, a master of her craft, and someone who is genuinely dedicated to your overall well-being.